Chapter 1

Page 10

In the text referencing Listing 1-1, should read:

The jmp statement at (1), 401250, references an address table starting at (2), 401257.

Chapter 5

Page 69

Near the top of the page, an "A" field is more accurately described as:

A String data. This is a referenced data location containing a sequence of characters that conform to one of IDA's known string data types such a null terminated ASCII C string.

Chapter 6

Page 95

In the middle of the page, there is an extra any in "...operation along with any any arithmetic..."

Page 96

In the paragraph beneath the C program listing, it is stated that the variable x is not initialized. This is incorrect as shown in both the C listing which sets x to the parameter c and in the disassembly listing where it is explained in item 2 on page 98 that x is in fact initialized.

Chapter 17

Page 312

The declaration of the PLUGIN variable should begin:
plugin_t PLUGIN = {
In the book, the declaration is missing the = sign

Chapter 20

Page 409

In the last paragraph, "Free BSD" should read "FreeBSD"

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