The collabREate Plugin for IDA Pro

collabREate is a plugin for IDA Pro that is designed to provide a collaborative reverse engineering capability for multiple IDA users working on the same binary file. collabREate consists of a client plugin that may be used with IDA versions 4.9 through 6.5, including IDA freeware 5.0, along with a collabREate server component (Java/JDBC and postresql or mysql). Beginning with Ida version 6.0 collabREate is also available for the Linux and OS X versions of Ida.

When a collabREate plugin is activated, a connection is established between an IDA instance and a collabREate server. The plugin processes IDA event notifications and pushes database change messages to the collabREate. Each message is archived on the server and re-broadcast to any other IDA users that choose to join the same collabREate project. Users may join a project at any time. Each time a user connects to a project the server pushes all update messages that have been stored since the user last received an update. In the case of an initial join to a project, the user will receive all update messages that have ever been stored for the project. In this way, users are rapidly brought up to date and into sync with all other users on the same project.

Basic capabilities supported by the collabREate server include:

Basic capabilities supported by the collabREate server manager:

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collabREate is a work in progress. We really appreciate the feedback we have received so far concerning problems that people have encountered. We have attempted to make collabREate fail gracefully when it does fail. Such failures may manifest itself in the form of "unknown command code" messages in the IDA message window. In other case, you may notice that two databases joined to the same project may become out of sync. In all such cases, any detail you can provide regarding the operation you were performing in IDA will be most helpful as we attempt to troubleshoot the problem.

Current SVN Version Plugin and Server Source and pre-compiled plugin binaries (28 May 2014)

NOTE: The latest sources are available via SVN at sourceforge
Collabreate Plugin and Server Source and Binaries

Version pre-built collabREate VMware Appliance (28 Sep 11)

A preconfigured, Fedora 15/postgresql/java/collabREate, virtual machine is available.

Plugin Binaries only (current build with latest SVN sources: 28 May 2014):

Choose your Platform and IDA version (NOTE: do not rename the plugin when you download it)

The PGP public key used to sign these binaries may be found HERE.